Mahnaz Rashidi

Contract Consultant / Trainer

Hello everyone!, I am Mahnaz Rashidi, a wanderlust, an adventurer and always a quester who tries to create and explore something new. I like reading, writing, dancing, playing piano and collecting degrees and certificates😉. As you will find in my resume, I am a civil engineer with two M.Sc. Degrees (“Hydraulic structures” and “Construction engineering & management”), a PMP (getting this was the hardest one) and bunch of other certificates. I have been working for almost 12 years in most of which I have been a contract administrator. In the last two years, I took courses and worked on my training skills and public speaking skills. Today I am a contract consultant, Trainer of Management skills and Negotiation skills. Also, I am teaching management skills on one-minute lessons under name “YUMMY Management” in my personal page on Instagram (The.Mahnaz).

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Contract Consulting Skills


Training Skills


Management Skills


Negotiation Skills


Where I’ve Worked

DEC 2019 - NOW
Project Manager, Trainer, and content producer at Jamal Ghamari Academy
  • Managing training and consulting projects,
  • Supervising content generation activities
  • Negotiating with corporate clients
MAR 2019 - NOW
Freelance Contract Consultant
  • evaluating client’s needs and providing expert advice and opinion on what needs to be done on the contracts (specially construction contracts)
FEB 2018 - MAR 2019
Contract Administrator at Hirbod Niroo Company
  • Identifying potential stakeholders,
  • Helping the cost management team to estimate costs at the beginning of the project by sending quotations to verified vendors or by extracting data from similar previous projects,
  • Managing conflicts when the relationship between the company and the sellers becomes too emotional,
  • Negotiating with stakeholders in order to search for mutual interests, a proactive and creative mutual approach, and the elaboration of objective criteria, as well as promoting a respectful relationship,
  • Working with the PM to make certain the seller meets its obligations,
  • Demonstrating strong attention to detail along with the ability to discover potential risks for the company,
  • Managing and controlling changes to the project that affect the contracted work require changes to the contract, addendums to the contract, or a new contract for the additional or changed work.
  • Selecting a seller, awarding a contract, signing an agreement and closing the contracts, and sending out a request for proposal to potential vendors, working on the language in the contract between the vendor and the company to make sure all the contents and mutual obligations are clear and make a summary of the main clauses of the contract in order to interpret and making the contract explicit in simple terms and make it accessible to stakeholders.
  • Finalizing lessons learned in perspective of CM.
JUL 201 - FEB 2018
Construction Contract Administrator at Atiyeh Sazan Sanat va Madan
  • Putting together plans and estimates -Responsible for processing and preparing Invitation to BID (ITB) to selected bidders,
  • Handling Technical Evaluation with engineers/end users and recommendation for award to the successful bidder,
  • Preparing and presenting tender plan,
  • Preparing contracts and negotiating changes to contracts with architects, consultants, clients, and subcontractors,
  • Gathering all information together for invoicing at the end of the project,
  • Supplying information to resolve disputes if they arise
  • Identifying areas for improvement in existing contracting processes,
  • Working closely with other construction professionals, including construction managers, quantity surveyors, and planning engineers.
MAY 2014 - JUL 2015
Responsible for Coordination Procurement Project Management at Kayson company
  • Specifying the breakdown structure of the project purchase and making proposal on the project structure, Procurement unit,
  • Evaluating the performance of the procurement related units in projects,
  • Reviewing and adapting the package purchase needed items in the projects and other projects, and identifying the actual needs of project to buy,
  • Final control of all the draft contractual procurement set out in the unit group.
DEC 2011 - JUL 2015
Procurement Engineer at Kayson Company
  • Identifying and proposing appropriate suppliers,
  • Performance the process of price quotations and preparation of documents Trading Commission,
  • Draft of contracts in the amount of more than $ 1 million for the purchase of goods and follow the steps from sending goods to projects,
  • Reviewing and approving the submitted invoices, to the termination of the contracts.
JUL 2011 - DEC 2011
Technical Officer at Kayson Company
  • Preparation of contracts and reviewing and approving the contractor’s invoice,
  • Designing of mobilization structures.
MAY 2010 - FEB 2011
Civil Engineer at Tosan Consulting Engineers Company
  • Design and calculation of steel structures and concrete structures,
  • Cost estimation,
  • Drawing structural maps with AutoCAD software.
JUL 2007 - AUG 2009
freelance civil engineer and draftsman
  • Design and calculation of masonry structures (2.5 floors) and steel structures (up to 4 floors),
  • Drawing structural maps with AutoCAD software.