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Mahnaz Rashidi

Contract Consultant / Trainer

Hello everyone!, I am Mahnaz Rashidi, a wanderlust, an adventurer and always a quester who tries to create and explore something new. I like reading, writing, dancing, playing piano and collecting degrees and certificates😉. As you will find in my resume, I am a civil engineer with two M.Sc. Degrees (“Hydraulic structures” and “Construction engineering & management”), a PMP (getting this was the hardest one) and bunch of other certificates. I have been working for almost 12 years in most of which I have been a contract administrator. In the last two years, I took courses and worked on my training skills and public speaking skills. Today I am a contract consultant, Trainer of Management skills and Negotiation skills. Also, I am teaching management skills on one-minute lessons under name “YUMMY Management” in my personal page on Instagram (The.Mahnaz).

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